On the afternoon of Thursday 13th August we completed the GR11 route across the Pyrenèes, from Cap de Higuer to Cap de Cruz…22 days and 45 minutes! Having been separated from each other for 4 days, due to ill health, luckily on Tuesday we found each other again – without mobile phones as one had been damaged by water. What an adventure, plenty of stories to tell whilst quaffing Rioja…


2 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Now I have much more of an insight into the challenges of Pyrenees ultrarunning… and of how the right pair pants can make all the difference. Josh (London Marathon Expo proud Runderwear wearer).


    1. Thanks Josh

      It was lovely seeing you again today. Really appreciate you coming over to say hello – and seriously impressed with your memory :)!!

      We had an amazing time – despite the many ups and downs [mental, physical and literal!].

      Are you from Barnes? I am based in South London. We shall have to link up at a park run [I am doing a few of those every now and again – when the physio isn’t looking!!!!]

      Sophie x


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