Day 7 & 8 – rolled into 1…

Or so it felt. Lack of sleep, couple of wrong turns, long grass meaning some paths almost impossible to run along… But still we made it with 10 mins to spare before the start of the Bristol game!!!

And who was there to meet us but the lovely @runningactress and mummy Brooke!! Bearing cake and other yummies.

Had a lovely mention on the radio from the @tms lot – thank you!! And met some cool people at the game – including a couple of Cricket coaches from Cardiff.

Shame the match was stopped due to rain :(. Good innings from Sri Lanka!

Also an awesome naval dude going by the name of “Fred Perry” sponsored us a tenner!! @lordstaverners – bring it on!!!

Finished on 275 miles today – and 3 matches down!

I did also try to snog this lovely lady in my sleep, #‎sexyslugfuntimes‬



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